Calvin's Craft Cookies

Calvin’s Craft Cookies was born out of a passion for dogs and beer. They wanted a better dog treat, so they

made one. What started out as a side hobby of making dog treats from brewer’s grains turned into a full-

fledged business.


From the very beginning they made GIVING BACK a cornerstone of everything they did.

You are what you eat. Your dog is too. That's why they use only human-grade ingredients in their treats and  don't include any fillers, preservatives, or other junk.  They created a clean-label snack that is both nutritious AND delicious. They're for your dog, but feel free to try a few if you're curious. It's a treat that you can actually feel good about feeding to your best friend.

Planet earth, and the people on it, are pretty important. That's why they have such a passion for  sustainability. They  help reduce food waste by upcycling used brewer's grains. They help reduce plastic pollution by using eco-friendly recyclable packaging. Truth be told, they also think beer cans look a lot cooler than their competition's single-use plastic bags.

Ultimately it's all about the dogs. That's why they donate 15% of their proceeds to animal rescue groups. They

believe in social responsibility and using business as a way to make a positive impact.

They created a snack that is better for our dogs and better for the environment. A tasty, nutritious, and

sustainable treat your pup will surely dig.


Giving Bean

Order yours today!

Since 2006 Giving Bean has been roasting great coffees and providing amazing products to help groups raise funds. Giving Bean “meets the mark” with fresh roasts and artisan tea blends.  

Giving Bean coffees delight a broad spectrum of coffee lovers; medium to dark roasts, as well as organic and many of the most popular flavored coffees in the US. Our roasts appeal to coffee drinkers everywhere! Whether whole bean, ground, k-kups, decaf or regular, you’ll notice the fresh roasted difference of Giving Bean coffee.

Giving Bean’s extraordinary loose teas are blended using the finest teas available. They offer a wide variety of teas including black, green, organics, blends and herbal (caffeine free).

Their all-natural cocoas and chai have no artificial flavoring and have an amazing one-of-a-kind taste, thanks to their own special recipes.

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